Better Than Bitcoin


Bitcoin is capturing all the headlines but there’s a much simpler way to go after those amazing profits.

It also makes much more sense. Bitcoin just went from 10,000 to 13,000. That’s a 30% move but it’s expensive to get in and more importantly, it’s not the easiest to understand.

My comfort zone is trades that can be made for hundreds of dollars that have the potential to produce returns much bigger than bitcoin.

The nice thing is that same technology trend that pushes people into bitcoin has benefited online trading as

Technology today has literally made it so that you can trade from anywhere. Whether you are on a hike, at the gym or just sitting on your couch watching television… you can be trading!

Even more exciting, you can create a new revenue stream.

Our ETF Accelerator focuses solely on ETFs and avoids the risk of individual companies and the unknowns of crypto curencies. Using this approach our last trade returned 56% in 11 days. Better than Bitcoin.

Here’s Our System

Our last trade was in the Consumer Discretionary Sector and we used XLY. On November 13th we put on a trade to buy calls in the XLY for $3.00. On November 24th, we sold them for 4.70.

That’s a 56% return in 11 days! Now you can use this exact strategy for yourself and as a special surprise, the total cost is just $39.

Unlock Your Experience Now.

Let’s use this final month of 2017 to get a head start on what will be the best trading year in over a decade.

Yours In Success,

Adam Mesh

P.S. Imagine taking $1800 and turning it into $2820 in just 11 days. That’s just 1 trade! Get them all now and learn our exact strategy using this link.

Adam Mesh is CEO and Founder of The Adam Mesh Trading Group. For the past 18 years he has coached thousands of students to all levels of success in trading. He is a recognized leader in the financial community and after receiving national exposure for his stock trading success when over 30 million viewers watched him demonstrate his ability to simplify the market.