How To Profit Off The Dark Pool

About This Course

In this unique, colorful, animated workshop, you will learn how to profit off the Dark Pool including…

  • How to spot 9 different market corrections BEFORE they happen
  • How to spot insider trading and profit from it
  • How to instantly identify the Dark Pool prints of major institutional traders trying to hide their overnight trades…and make big money from them
  • How to know when the Dark Pool is buying gold, the dollar and bonds
  • The 4 different types of Dark Pool prints and how to trade them

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Stefanie Kammerman

Stefanie Kammerman

Stefanie Kammerman, has trained thousands of students worldwide how to Day Trade and Swing Trade over the past 22 years. She is the Founder and Managing Director of The Stock Whisperer Trading Company, where she runs an online educational trading room called “The Java Pit”. Her unique approach of old fashioned trading in a high tech world teaches her students how to trade by reading the tape and following the Dark Pool, which is how she spotted the last 9 corrections weeks before they happened.