Consumer Guide to the Best and Worst Variable Annuities

In Our Brand New, Just Updated Guide You’ll Discover:

  • Who should consider variable annuities?  Are they right for you?
  • The 3 major differences between variable annuities and a 401(k) plan
  • The two main advantages of variable annuities
  • The real truth about “guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits”
  • 10 critical steps you must take when evaluating a variable annuity
  • The 10 best low-cost variable annuities according to Weiss Ratings
  • The 5 best variable annuities with guaranteed withdrawal benefits
  • The 7 worst variable annuities on the market today
  • The dirty little secret about indexed annuities
  • How to avoid back-end surrender charges that let the insurance company keep as much as 7% of your investment

And much, much more!

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