Consumer Guide to Term Life Insurance

In This Brand New, Just Updated Guide You’ll Discover: 

  • The four common life-situations where buying a life insurance policy DOES NOT make sense
  • What type of life insurance policy makes the most sense for you.
  • The critical differences between permanent life insurance and term life insurance.
  • The 5 major types of term life insurance policies, including estimate premiums, and death benefit amounts.
  • The 7 kinds of permanent life insurance policies and the two primary factors that often determine what you will be required to pay in premiums.
  • Six important things to consider when looking for a term life-insurance policy.
  • Whether it’s better to buy directly from the insurer, an agent, or online…and when.
  • Our recommended list of 105 Life Insurance companies by state, receiving a top Weiss Safety Rating of A+, A, A-, or B+ with contact info. including website address and phone numbers for each company

And much, much more

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