Currency Trading Made Easy

In this eye-opening new special report Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg, two of the foremost experts on currency trading, bring their combined 46 years-experience trading in the Forex markets to give you the ultimate “cheat sheet” for learning the basics of how to trade currencies.

This Special Report is packed with strategies and secrets that Kathy and Boris have amassed in their combined-four decades of trading currencies including…

  • A basic primer and description of the world’s 8 major currencies and how to trade them—simply and easily
  • The best and easiest pairs of currencies to trade against each other
  • 7 reasons why you want to trade currencies—and how they provide the ideal diversification component to your stock investments
  • How currencies can make you big money whether the stock market is rising or falling
  • How to go long or short with no frustrating “uptick” restrictions you encounter when trading stocks.

And much, much more

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