Financial Literacy Basics: Guide to Understanding Health Insurance Plans

In this report, you’ll discover:


• Samples of different health care plans and benefit costs for private insurance and insurance provided under the Affordable Care Act (ACT)

• How health insurance really works. You’ll understand how your coverage, deductible, tiered drug lists, copayments, and coinsurance are all connected and how they impact how much you pay each month… and how much you must pay after each visit to the doctor, specialist, hospital, or urgent care center.

• Which of the four typical managed care plans makes the most financial sense for you? Get this right, and it’s smooth sailing. Get it wrong, and you’ll find yourself paying more out of pocket, and having to jump through more hoops to get medical care for you and your family.

• A list of the top-rated health insurance companies in your state, along with their websites, and contact information.

• A sample private health insurance enrollment form, and an application for health coverage in the event that you currently do not have health insurance, but want to be protected financially against medical and/or health issues.

And much, much more!

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