Today’s New Long-Term Care Solutions

In this Special Report you’ll discover:

  • A little know provision in the 2006 Pension Protection Act that allows Americans to reposition assets, (usually low yielding funds) into a Tax-Free account that is immediately valued many times more than the cash you transfer. See pg. 16
  • My three favorite Leveraged Care Solutions. Forget paying for care out of pocket, these three solutions let an insurance company pay for it with leveraged dollars. See pg. 20
  • The LTC/Annuity that pays a current fixed rate, and doubles as a Long-Term Care policy with a monthly Tax Free care benefit. The annuity portion increases to 3X its value when you are unable to perform two of the six ADLs or become cognitively impaired. See pg. 19
  • The ideal plan for those who want to leave a leveraged magnified tax-free lump sum cash benefit for their beneficiaries, while providing significant LTC benefits for themselves.  See pg. 22
  • The Leveraged Care Solution that will keep pace with inflation and provides a guaranteed return of deposit after 5 years. See pg. 24
  • Why a new concept known as The Roth on Roids Strategy is far superior to a Roth IRA when converting your “qualified accounts” (IRA, 401k, 403b, etc.). See pg. 24
  • After triggering the Long Term Care (LTC) Provision, leveraged care plans pay the Tax-Free monthly care benefit in one of two ways…See pg. 26
  • The 5 costly myths about Long-Term Care you must know.  See pg. 35

And much, much more!

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