The First Bitcoin Horror Story Is Only Months Away


Bitcoin Mania is now airborne.

As it’s historic rise continues, we’ve seen secondary plays like Etherium and Lite coin surge in value.

I just sat down with Maria Bartiromo to discuss Bitcoin on her Fox Business Show, Mornings With Maria. While I said that I would avoid getting in the way of it’s meteoric rise, I cautioned against the inefficiencies.

The End of the Dollar

No one can deny that cryptocurrencies and block chain technology are becoming mainstream. The profits being made from these digital currencies right now is astonishing. And they’re all over the news, as prices continue to climb.

But what is the best way to capitalize on this craze? And which of these up-and-coming commodities pose the biggest potential opportunity?

Coinbase, the premier bitcoin broker gets halted on a regular basis and prevents you from entering orders. If that’s happening on the way up, what will happen on the way down as people stampede towards the exit?

Now with futures available, they are allowing people to trade on margin. This means the first Bitcoin horror story is only months away. This is a pure gamble and if you know that and participate with disposable income, then enjoy.

That said, there’s a better way. It’s crazy to say it but options are now the ‘boring’ alternative. But when it comes to making money, boring can be fantastic.

Sure, it might only require a traditional trading account but you can still make more while risking less. To buy 1 bitcoin now costs over $17,000. A call option in a popular stock was just $4.50 and it went to $30 the next day.

That’s better than bitcoin!

The nice thing is you can do it from anywhere. Even more exciting, you can create a new revenue stream.

Our ETF Accelerator focuses solely on ETFs and avoids the risk of individual companies and unknowns of crypto currencies. Using this approach, our last trade returned 56% in 11 days. Again, Better than Bitcoin.

Here’s Our System

returnImagine buying a call for $3.00 and days later selling it for $4.70. That’s a 56% return and you could have gotten started with under $500.

Now you can use this exact strategy for yourself and as a special surprise, the total cost is just $39.

Unlock Your Experience Now.

With 2018 setting up for an amazing year, get a head start now.

Your In Success,

Adam Mesh

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Adam Mesh is CEO and Founder of The Adam Mesh Trading Group. For the past 18 years he has coached thousands of students to all levels of success in trading. He is a recognized leader in the financial community and after receiving national exposure for his stock trading success when over 30 million viewers watched him demonstrate his ability to simplify the market.